Number of Horns on a Unicorn Acre
3 December 2007 in Fun | Comments (0)

Well, if you ask Google that then,,, the answer is… (I really can’t stop laughing here)… OK, well, have a look for yourself. :D

Vaasa, Where The Gasoline Prices Are 1337
11 July 2007 in Fun | Comments (0)

No, I don’t like 1337 sp33k (aka. “leet speek”) much, but seeing how the 95 octane gas price the other day was 1.337 €/liter at Shell Express in Vaasa/Vasa (and for a short while at Teboil Express) I couldn’t help but laugh at the relation. You can just barely see the price (and the last 7, but it is there) in the picture below since the lighting conditoins were all but ideal for my camera of choice. :)


1337 Euros per liter

After thinking about if the cold gasoline station had been compromised by some cracker, I realized that I had to get some gas and proof of the coincidental “phenomenon”. Sadly the picture is a bit blurry since I didn’t have anything else to take the photo with except my cameraphone…

Leet price

Google Maps Goes Europe!
27 April 2006 in Fun & Root | Comments (0)

Google Maps was apperently updated just around two days ago with maps of Europe, which is absolutely fantastic! :)

Interestingly, the maps and photos of Vaasa / Vasa / Wasa was also updated with newer satellite photos, maybe in honour of the city’s 400 anniversary which is this year?
Anyways, the photos aren’t all that old, but still somewhat old, since the expansion of the “market square cave” aka. the parking space beneath the city center’s market square is quite viewable. If you look closely, you can see that they are at the completion stage and filling parts of the new underground parking space with sand for the market square pavement stones.

Satellite photo of Vaasa / Vasa city center

I think this picture dates back to two years to 2004, so that’s resonably new pictures Google got a hold of.

The interesting part here is that streets in Vaasa are bilingual, that is, named in both Finnish and Swedish. But, Google only identifies the streets on their Finnish name for the moment. If you zoom out, you’ll discover another interesting tidbit, all the islands in the Vaasa coastal area are in Swedish. (Ok, some of them have their bilingual names there, but the Swedish name is generally looking in the larger font size for some strange reason.) Interesting…

Come Again?
14 February 2006 in Fun | Comments (0)

Uninstalling gone wrong when removing HDDLife plug in for Google Desktop

I was uninstalling stuff today and one of the junk I noticed lying around was HDDlife for Google Desktop. Well, clicking the “Remove” button in “Add/Remove software” rendered the following response seen above that you can ponder upon (as I also did). ;)

ActiveSync removes which?

Also related to uninstalling: removing the correct version of ActiveSync can be a hustle and confusing. I was looking to remove ActiveSync 4.1, or so I thought. However, in “Add/Remove Programs” all I could find was ActiveSync 4.0. “Strange”, I thought, “I believed I had the newest version installed…” :?

So, I clicked remove and the above picture is a screen shot of what I saw as a bit confusing: I did have ActiveSync 4.1 after all… :lol:

(PS. ActiveSync isn’t worth upgrading to unless you are using Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC or Smartphone, no difference), since it is buggier than the last version for pre-Windows Mobile 5.0 devices)

What Ronald MacDonald Steals Cash From Competitor?
28 November 2005 in Fun | Comments (0)

When I spotted this on my Google Desktop sidepanel, I just thought “What the h…”:

MacDonald charged in Wendy’s heist

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (AP) — He works at a Wendy’s, and his name is Ronald MacDonald — but now he may be known as the Hamburglar. Two workers at a Wendy’s in Manchester, New Hampshire, have been charged with taking money from the safe. One of the suspects is Ronald MacDonald.

Read this strange news story.

I’ve heard that McDonalds isn’t doing great financially, but I couldn’t imagine that they are in this desperate need of cash! :lol:

Amazon wants you to take this Audiovox Windows Mobile Smartphone!
1 December 2004 in Fun | Comments (2)

Over at Smartphone Thoughts, I spotted something funny once again. This time, Amazon will pay you around 25 US$ if you buy the AudiovoxSMT5600 Smartphone. Which is what you should get when the rebate is larger than the price of the device…

Makes me wonder what the problems with this device are when they are giving money to buy/take it? :lol:

Bad, bad notebook lock!
22 October 2004 in Fun | Comments (0)

What happens when you let F-Secure-guys play around with notebook locks?
“Physics experiments” and notebook damages, as in the picture below:

F-Secure's employees doing their thing... or? (Image Source: F-Secure WebLog)

They manage to prove that security locks can’t prevent theft at all, but we all knew that didn’t we… :lol:

Cheer up from the gloomy autumn
18 October 2004 in Fun | Comments (0)

The best part with cartoons is that they are always there to cheer when you’re down. Especially now when the daylight hours are decreasing in lenght around here, we need something to keep us sane. My “scientific research” has proven that a daily dose of reading comics is an excellent resource of color for the gray autumn days.

What is the magical ingredient? The result of the storyline that building up a good laughter at the end of the strip. A very good example is today’s UserFriendly strip;)


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